Morningstar Merchant Solutions is a local company offering innovative solutions to make electronic payments simpler, faster, safer and more rewarding.

As your Local Merchant Provider, we can do business with you face to face and assess your current technology set up and offer qualified recommendations. We have local resources, connections, and networks that national agencies simply do not have.

We simply try harder to please our clients as word spreads quickly. We are interested in protecting our reputation and the reputation of our many business partners.

Often at national companies your account will not be managed by the real talent on staff, but by junior-level employees. We have 10 years of combined experience in the merchant service industry and understand that it’s an ever changing industry.

Check out these local businesses using the Clover Station!

The Clover Point of Sale is a perfect solution for many small to midsize businesses in the retail, restaurant and pay at the counter industry. 

The Hare and the Hart
Target Print & Mail
Southern Compass
SoDough Baking Co
Xtreme Gift Shop
The Polka Dot Press
Lazy Lizard Pizza
El Jalisco Crawfordville
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Lucky Goat Coffee
Canopy Road Cafe
Fallout Comics
Tally Cat Cafe
The Cake Shop
Mike's Marine Supply
RedEye Coffee
Healthy Solutions
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